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I hate not having my best friend... Distance may physically separate us but that's all. Its killing me... You re the only person THERE. Everyone else leaves. They all make me feel special and wanted until I eventually depend on them and they completely change my lifestyle. Then they leave and throw me away like I meant nothing. You know the drill so anyway I miss you unconditionally and you probably wont even read this but I cant hold it in any longer!!! I hate my dad for keeping me here in Pittsburgh instead of letting me live with you and mom in Daytona... I remember when we were craving pickles you, me, and Emma and then you told me to drink the pickle juice. Then you decided it was a good idea to make me laugh so I spit it all over you lol. I'll remember you're reaction till the day I die. "ZOEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!" hahahaha... I remember when we were making popcorn and the bowls were too small so I jumped on the counter and got a GINORMOUS bowl and on the way down I jumped into your arms. It was like a slow motion kind of fall hahaha... Or when I was cooking dinner in my bra cause, as you know, I hate clothes and you thought it was a good idea to take it and throw it outside my apartment and down the stairs!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I had to go outside naked and get it lol... ***sighhhhhh*** We have so many memories. We spent weeks straight together. This list of memories could go on for HOURS... The point is I miss you more than I've ever missed anyone before and love you beyond words. I'll be home soon...


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February 2016

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